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We’re now welcoming new members at our San Francisco clinic, right in SoMa.

Sample in-app messaging conversation between Motion Care Advocate and sample member, Julia Motion: 'Hi Julia, welcome to Motion! How can we help you today? Would you like to schedule an appointment?' Julia: 'Yes, that would be great.' Motion: 'To better match you to one of our clinicians, can you give us a little more information?' Motion sends Julia a link: 'Tell us about your issue or injury'

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If you’re a clinician who wants to refer patients with musculoskeletal issues, we’d love to help.

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The quality care you deserve

When it comes to body pain + injuries, there's rarely a single fix. That's why our approach is different than most. At Motion, we get to know you and your lifestyle, and we manage every aspect of your care.

Image of the Motion app shows an overview of a member's condition, Runner's Knee, the goals for her care she set with her Motion clinician, Medical Doctor, Sports Medicine, Dr. Veronica Jow, and some exercises including instructional videos from her Care Plan.

See how we’re different from traditional healthcare


  • Clinical Experience
  • Avg time to find the right clinician
  • Availability
  • Care Plans


  • Support
  • Communication
  • Health records
  • Imaging


  • Transparent pricing
  • Time

Motion Care

  • Clinical Experience Motion’s musculoskeletal specialists practice team-based care Members have access to our Sports Medicine MDs, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Certified Athletic Trainers who work together, all under one roof.
  • Avg time to find the right clinician Same-day matching in app We’ll match you to a clinician based on your issue and goals, getting you to the right diagnosis and treatment faster.
  • Availability Book same-day or same-week visits
  • Care Plans Customized Care Plans Daily reminders, video tutorials, and progress tracking in the app.

Motion Service

  • Support You get a dedicated Care Advocate Every member is paired with a CA who is part coach and part coordinator.
  • Communication We’ll provide quick answers through chat
  • Health records We wrangle all of your past records We find all the info we need to fully understand your issue.
  • Imaging We’ll manage imaging and more We currently offer diagnostic ultrasound. If you need x-rays, MRIs, even specialized procedures or surgery, we’ll manage all scheduling and coordination.

Motion Cost

  • Transparent pricing
    Monthly membership $50
    New issue visits History and examination of issue, review medical history, goal setting, Care Plan development, 60 minutes $200
    Treatment visits Progress assessment, treatment,
    Care Plan development, 30 minutes
  • Time Memberships are only as long as you need care Our goal is to get you moving again. So even though we’ll miss you, you are free to cancel whenever you’re ready to graduate from our care.

Traditional Care

  • Clinical Experience Today's healthcare system is fragmented Patients often navigate multiple clinics, seeing primary care providers and isolated specialists.
  • Avg time to find the right clinician Weeks to years Finding the right clinician can feel like an exhausting marathon of second opinions.
  • Availability Could take weeks or months to get in for a visit
  • Care Plans Paper handout exercises or long email threads

Traditional Service

  • Support No personalized support You’re responsible for navigating telephone trees and advocating for your own care.
  • Communication Call or email, sometimes waiting days to get help
  • Health records You’re responsible for gathering past records
  • Imaging You’re responsible for managing your care

Traditional Cost

  • Transparent Pricing Traditional healthcare often doesn’t provide upfront costs You don’t know how much you owe until you get a bill.
  • Time Months to years People can often spend months if not years bouncing between different clinicians, various diagnoses, and treatments—leading to lots of uncertainty and wasted time.

Questions we often get

How does Motion work with my insurance?

You can apply your out-of-network benefits and FSA/HSA towards Motion. We’ll help you understand your benefits upfront and even submit claims on your behalf.
See our full insurance FAQ.

We’ve designed Motion to empower our clinicans to never compromise quality of care because of insurance company constraints. Being out-of-network today allows us freedom to put members first.

Will Motion work for me and my injury?

With a team of musculoskeletal experts, we can treat a wide range of conditions and provide extensive clinical services. We offer appointments at our San Francisco Clinic Monday through Friday, 8am – 6pm.

  • Acute issues

    Joint Dislocations
    Joint Subluxations
    Joint Separations
    Labral tears
    Meniscal Tears
    Muscle Strains
    Muscle Tears
    Nerve Palsies
    Tendon Sprains
    Tendon Tears

  • Chronic issues

    AC Joint Pain
    Disc Degeneration
    Disc Herniations
    Disc Protrusions
    Frozen Shoulder
    Impingement Syndromes
    Joint Instability
    Nerve Entrapment
    Overuse Syndromes
    SC Joint Pain
    Snapping Joints
    Stress Fractures
    Trigger Finger

  • Clinical Services

    Sports Medicine
    Physical Therapy
    Athletic Training
    Care Coordination

    Pre-operative rehabilitation
    Post-operative rehab
    Crutch Fitting

    Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
    Hyaluronic Acid Injections
    Platelet Rich Plasma Injections
    Steroid Injections