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We’re now welcoming new members at our San Francisco clinic, right in SoMa.

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If you’re a clinician who wants to refer patients with musculoskeletal issues, we’d love to help.

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The quality care you deserve

When it comes to body pain + injuries, there's rarely a single fix. That's why our approach is different than most. At Motion, we get to know you and your lifestyle, and we manage every aspect of your care.

$50 Per month

Most memberships are 3 months or less. Our goal is to quickly get you moving again.

  • Same-day triage
    Get matched with a musculoskeletal expert
  • Same-week visits
    Book and pay for appointments through the app
  • Personalized Care Plan
    A set of treatments and exercises tailored just for you

Care made easy for
your busy life

For the first time, I felt I actually had a care team aware of the moving pieces and working together (and with my insurance)… I was given a customized care plan tailored to my injury and needs, daily reminders, video tutorials, and the ability to message my team — all in the Motion app.

– Josh, Motion Member

The Motion team is amazing. Every time I visit they're friendly, knowledgeable and quick so my experiences are really awesome and the job gets done. Additionally, the follow up is also amazing.

– Jacqueline, Motion Member

Thank you so much for all the help with all the specific exercises, guidance, referrals, insurance haggling and enthusiasm you and your team at Motion have provided me!

– Alan, Motion Member

As a company, I feel that Motion's model of care is at the forefront of a new era in medicine: providing peace of mind, efficiency of care, and a much needed compass to navigate the vast wilderness of wellness options.

– Charlie Reid,
Top Strength and Conditioning Coach in SF

A team of experts,
under one roof

At Motion, our clinicians have different specialties and skillsets. Together, they can design the best possible care plan for your issue. Meet the team.

New issue visit
History and examination of issue, review medical history, goal setting, Care Plan development, 60 minutes
Progress assessment, treatment, Care Plan development, 30 minutes
We also offer speciality appointments like therapeutic sports injections and ultrasound appointments.

Questions we often get

What should I expect to pay?

For $50 a month, members will have a team manage every aspect of their care and be able to book appointments with the Motion clinical team. Appointments for new issues are $200, follow-up treatment visits are $100. Depending on your insurance, you may receive a reimbursement for your Motion visits.

How does this work with my insurance?

We're working hard with insurance companies and employers to make Motion part of your benefits, but are currently out-of-network. Even though we aren’t part of insurance plans, many members receive reimbursements for their Motion care as an out-of-network coverage.

Our team will handle all the paperwork by submitting insurance claims for you — so it’s easy and painless. All you will need to do is wait for the reimbursement check. Read our insurance FAQs for more information.

Can I use my FSA or HSA?

Absolutely! You can use your FSA or HSA for your visits with us. Flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) are programs that allow you to set aside money (before taxes) for specific health expenses. You can apply that towards your Motion appointments.

How long will I need membership?

This will be different for every issue, but we estimate that most memberships will last three or fewer months.

Have more questions?

Check out our general FAQs for more information, or please contact us at [email protected].