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Sample in-app messaging conversation between Motion Care Advocate and sample member, Julia Motion: 'Hi Julia, welcome to Motion! How can we help you today? Would you like to schedule an appointment?' Julia: 'Yes, that would be great.' Motion: 'To better match you to one of our clinicians, can you give us a little more information?' Motion sends Julia a link: 'Tell us about your issue or injury'

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Meet the team

Our team of musculoskeletal experts works together to form a complete understanding of your care.

Image of part of the Motion team of clinicians: Dr. Veronica Jow, Medical Doctor, Sports Medicine; Michael Lord, Doctor of Chiropractic; Jake Bagley, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Ryan Sargent, Athletic Trainer

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine doctors have specific training in treating and preventing illness and injury.

At Motion, we work with the entire Care Team to help you minimize time away from your activities—whether it's working in an office, running a race, or baking at home. In addition to traditional injury evaluations, we can provide patients with diagnostic ultrasound, injection treatments, and regenerative medicine procedures.

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Dr. Veronica Jow, Medical Doctor, Sports Medicine

Veronica Jow
Medical Doctor, Sports Medicine

I've been practicing Sports Medicine in the Bay Area for the past 9 years. While training to become a physician, I gravitated toward the patients who were motivated to return to or maintain an active lifestyle. I believe everyone is an athlete!… view full bio

Physical Therapy

A Physical Therapist (PT) combines their knowledge of human anatomy, the way the body moves, and their knowledge of injuries to identify reasons why you are experiencing your symptoms.

At Motion, a PT will help you identify the root cause of your symptoms and work with the rest of the Care Team to prevent the recurrence of the same injury.

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Jake Bagley, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jake Bagley
Doctor of Physical Therapy

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled and practiced in multiple countries, working in many different care settings. What drew me to Physical Therapy is the ability … view full bio

Natalie Mar, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Natalie Mar
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Helping people reach their highest potential is what motivated me to become a physical therapist. I love the challenge of problem solving, educating… view full bio


At Motion, a Chiropractor will determine your treatment plan by identifying the root problem.

Treatment typically includes a combination of hands on treatment, specific exercises to help regain strength and range of motion, and specific recommendations/coaching to navigate your recovery.

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Molica Anderson, Doctor of Chiropractic

Molica Anderson
Doctor of Chiropractic

Everyone should be able to do what they love, and pain shouldn't stop them! I discovered chiropractic during a shoulder injury in the peak of my swimming… view full bio

Michael Lord, Doctor of Chiropractic

Michael Lord
Doctor of Chiropractic

I believe movement is medicine. I enjoy partnering with patients and educating them about their bodies, tailoring treatments to the individual — whether they are… view full bio

Athletic Training

An Athletic Trainer (AT) collaborates with other clinicians to provide individualized therapeutic care to every patient.

At Motion, ATs work directly with you to establish initial treatment needs and help determine the next best steps for your care. We work with our multi-talented team to bring you the best in person and app based care, including therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation, injury education, and functional and sport specific training.

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Molly Taylor, Athletic Trainer

Molly Taylor
Athletic Trainer

Musculoskeletal injury can be an exhausting journey. As an athletic trainer, I’m devoted to helping people navigate that journey from start to finish. I believe in endless growth and learning… view full bio

Ryan Sargent, Athletic Trainer

Ryan Sargent
Athletic Trainer

I knew I wanted to be an Athletic Trainer after sustaining a knee injury my sophomore year of high school. The care I received from my school’s Athletic Trainer helped fuel a passion for getting athletes… view full bio

Care Advocates

Care Advocates are here to make getting better a lot easier. As part of your Care Team, Care Advocates guide you through your journey at Motion - whether you are wondering about the mechanics of a particular exercise or have questions about how your insurance plan works.

We’ll cheer you on and coach you through your care so you can always feel confident with your Care Plan. Your dedicated Care Advocate is available to you throughout your time at Motion and works closely with the rest of your Care Team to get you back to doing the things you love.

Christi Harris, Care Advocater

Christi Harris
Care Advocate

I have a service and operations background, and feel really passionately about infusing true hospitality in everything we do. Whether your goal is an ultramarathon or just being able to play with your kids, I love hearing your stories and partnering with you on your journey.

Colleen Hamilton, Care Advocate

Colleen Hamilton
Care Advocate

I’ve always been interested in medicine, healthcare, and helping people feel better! I know from firsthand experience that today’s healthcare system is inefficient and out-of-date, often forcing us to jump through hoops to find the care we need. I’m excited to help make getting better as easy as possible.

Jackie Choi, Care Advocate

Jackie Choi
Care Advocate

I have an engineering background, so I like crunching numbers and sifting through data. But, I’ve seen how frustrating it can be to have a cookie-cutter healthcare experience! I’m here to make sure that our patients don’t feel like data points, and to add the human touch back into getting better.