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Whatever life throws at your bones, muscles, or joints, we’ve got your back.

Why you'll love us…

Team-based care

From Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine MDs to Chiropractors and Athletic Trainers, we have a team of experts to guide you through it all, from diagnosis to treatment.

End-to-end experience

We offer help every step of the way — from submitting insurance claims, to scheduling imaging, to getting you fully recovered.

Modern software

Simplified scheduling and all your exercises in one app.

Team-based care

Our team of musculoskeletal experts work together to form a complete understanding of your care. Don’t worry, you’ll only have to explain your injury once.

Meet the team

We will help you reach your goals — whether you’re training for your next triathlon or just want to sit without pain.

Every Motion member gets a dedicated Care Advocate. Think of them as equal parts health coach and care coordinator.

  • Veronica Jow Veronica Jow
    Sports Medicine MD
    13 years experience
  • Michael Lord Michael Lord
    Doctor of Chiropractic
    8 years experience
  • Jake Bagley Jake Bagley
    Doctor of Physical Therapy
    6 years experience
  • Ryan Sargent Ryan Sargent
    Certified Athletic Trainer
    12 years experience
  • Colleen Colleen
    Care Advocate
  • Emily Emily
    Care Advocate
  • Christi Christi
    Care Advocate

End-to-end experience

From diagnosis to recovery, we’ll be there every step of the way.

We’ll match you to the right clinicians for your issue and design a care plan just for you. We’ll even manage any care Motion doesn’t currently provide, like imaging or surgery.

We manage the details

Answer your questions Answer your questions Answer your questions
We help you understand and manage your issue, and we’ll answer any questions along the way. Think of us as your guide and healthcare translator.
Understand your goals Understand your goals Understand your goals
Whether you are a pro athlete or just want to move through your day without pain, we design a plan to get you back to the most important parts of your life.
Work as a team Work as a team Work as a team
Each of our clinicians are experts at understanding different kinds of musculoskeletal issues, and offer different perspectives. If you need to see multiple clinicians at Motion, our team works together to form a full picture of care.
Coordinate your care Coordinate your care Coordinate your care
We are a non-operative clinic. If you need surgery or imaging that our team doesn’t currently provide, we’ll guide you to the right people. Yes, we’ll even help to fill out forms and handle scheduling.
Wrangle health records Wrangle health records Wrangle health records
When you become a Motion member, we track down your past records and imaging so our clinicians have a complete view into your injury.
Manage insurance Manage insurance Manage insurance
We'll help you understand insurance coverage and payments at every step of your care— we’ll even submit claims. We're working hard with insurance companies and employers to make Motion part of your benefits, but are currently out-of-network.

Modern software

We’ve replaced paper handouts, handwritten care plans, and antiquated scheduling with our app.

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